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Welcome to PingBattery

Hi, if this is the first time you’ve heard about us, we recommend that you search “PingBattery” or “Ping Battery” on Google or any other search engine to find out more about our excellent products, service and good reputation.  Time has proven that we are the best LiFePO4 vendor from China.


Any questions, please send email to

Download: Wiring Guide for V2.5 Products

We will always provide customer support for V1.0 and V2.0 battery packs.

Evolution of PingBattery

V1.0  released in 2007, made of 3.2v4950mah prismatic cells and our first version of BMS (Battery Management System) for Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries. V1.0 cell has 2C maximum continuous discharge rate and 4C peak. The polarity tabs of its cell is small.

V2.0  released in 2008, made of 3.2v4000mah prismatic cells and same BMS as V1.0. The V2.0 cell also has 2C maximum continuous discharge rate and 4C peak. But its 2C continuous performance is much better than V1.0. It's weigth/ah is a little higher than V1.0. V2.0 has wider polarity tabs than V1.0. V2.0 is more expensive than V1.0.

V2.5  released in 2009, made of 3.2v5000mah prismatic cells and new BMS. V2.5 cell has same performance as V2.0. That's why we don't call it V3.0, but V2.5. V2.5 has lower weight/ah than V2.0. V2.5 cell has wider polarity tabs than V2.0. The V2.5 BMS has indication lights for balance status.

Benefits of LiFePO4 batteries
  • Flexible Form Factor - Small in size and light in weight 1/3 weight of Lead Acid and 65% weight of NIMH.
  • High Rate Capability - For all high power output application
  • Extraordinary Long Cycle Life - over 1000 times recharge, actually lowers the cost of ownership, you could use them for more than 5 years, would be over 8 times life of Lead Acid and 3 times of NIMH, 2 times most Lithium batteries
  • Extremely Safe Chemistry - made of stable materials, High intrinsic safety , no explosion & will not catch fire under collision, over charged or short circuit. High thermal stability of phases up to 500C.
  • Wide Working Temperature Range - From -4 F to 150 F (-20C to +70C) Extremely cold and extremely hot weather will not effect its performance
  • No Memory Effect

What's LiFePO4

LiFePO4, lithium iron phosphate as cathode, a kind of advancing technology to change the world!

The safety characteristics inherent to LiFePo4 technology result from the incorporation of phosphates as the cathode material. Phosphates are extremely stable in overcharge or short circuit conditions and have the ability to withstand high temperatures without decomposing. When abuse does occur, phosphates are not prone to thermal runaway and will not burn. As a result, LiFePo4 technology possesses safety characteristics that are fundamentally superior to those of Lithium-ion batteries made with other cathode materials.

LiFePo4 technology does not contain any heavy metals and does not exhibit the "memory effect" of Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-metal Hydride solutions. LiFePo4 technology demonstrates excellent shelf life, long cycle life and is maintenance free.

Another key benefit of our LiFePo4 technology is its flexibility, both in terms of battery application and cell design. It can be used in wound cylindrical, wound prismatic and polymer battery construction types and manufactured to fit smaller applications.

The advantages of traditional Lithium-ion coupled with the safety features of phosphates, make LiFePo4 technology the Lithium-ion technology for the future. LiFePo4 Lithium-ion technology utilizes natural, phosphate-based material and offers the greatest combination of performance, safety, cost, reliability and environmental characteristics.


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Featured Product
48V 15AH V2.5 LiFePO4 Battery Pack
48V 15AH V2.5 LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Leadtime: 7 days
It will take about 7 days for us to build and test this new battery pack for you.

Suitable Wattage of Motor: up to 800 Watt, 600 Watt suggested
Applications: E-Bike, Electric Bike, E-Scooter, Electric Scooter
Voltage: 48 Volts
Capacity: 15 Amp Hours
Dimension: 300x105x150 mm / 11.8x4.1x5.9 inches
Weight: 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
Charging Voltage: 60-61 Volts
Charging Current: <5 Amps
Rated Discharging Amperage: 15 Amps
Max Continuous Discharging Amperage: 30 Amps
Maximum Discharging Current: 60 Amps
Discharging Cut-off Protection: 40-50 Amps
Lifecycle of the whole pack: >85% capacity after 1000 cycles. Lifecycle of single cell: >85% capacity after 1500 cycles, >70% capacity after 3000 cycles. (<1C discharge rate and <1C charge rate)

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