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V2.5 LiFePO4 Battery Pack Clearance (with V5 BMS)

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We still have some V2.5 LiFePO4 battery cells in stock and will clear all of them now. Price of V2.5 LiFePO4 packs was same as the newest V5 packs. So, what's the offer for the clearance?

Same price but free shipping for these V2.5 battery packs. Yes, free shipping. The shipping is same as the regular shipping listed for V5 products on this web site. Shipping time is usually 7-10 days.

Also, the BMS on these V2.5 cell based packs will be still newest V5 BMS. Chargers will be also same chargers with aluminum casing.

Difference between V5 cells and V2.5 cells - please look at this page - Evolution of PingBattery LiFePO4 Products.

How to order?

Send email to pingping227@hotmail.com. We will send an invoice to you for the special order.

If you cannot wait and want to order them immediately, you can directly order V5 battery packs on the web site and pay with PayPal, since price is same as V2.5. Of course, this order will include our regular shipping cost. Don't worry. Just leave a message that you prefer V2.5 cell based packs. We will send a refund of the shipping cost to you in 24 hours.

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