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What's new on V5 LiFePO4 BMS (Battery Management System)?

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  • New design for good heat sinking. The big black aluminum heat sink plate is mounted on all the big IRFB4110 MOSFETs and bleeding resistors. It will be very cool when the battery is being discharged. At the end of charge, the heat sink plate will send out most heat from the bleeding resistors. Furthermore, the design of heat sink system is compact. It's only a little bit thicker than the elder version.
  • All V5 BMS have IRFB4110 MOSFETs, even on 24V or 12V LiFePO4 battery packs. Yes, all the V5 Lithium Ion Phosphate BMS have this famous and strong MOSFET as intelligent on/off control. The standard BMS has four IRFB4110 in charge of discharge and one in charge of charge. The high rate BMS has eight IRFB4110 in charge of discharge and two in charge of charge.
  • Since IRFB4110 is rated at 100 volts, if you connect two battery packs in series and the total voltage won't be higher than 100 volts, you won't need to connect protection diodes in the circuit. For example, with elder version of BMS, if you want to connect two 36V LiFePO4 battery packs in series for 72V, you will have to connect two diodes in the circuit to protect the two BMS. Two 36V battery packs with V5 BMS can be directly connected in series without any problem.
  • Lower power consumption. The powering circuit on the BMS was redesigned. The power consumption is much lower than V2.5.
  • Different power source. The elder version of BMS or some other BMS in the market are powered by the lowest 4 series of battery cells. The V5 BMS is powered by all the cells. This way, the battery pack won't be imbalanced even it's not charged for long time when BMS is connected.
  • Bigger LED indication. Instead of SMD LEDs on V2.5 BMS, we use bigger LEDs on the new V5 BMS. It's clearer for users to check if there're any of them haven't lit up at the end of charge. None of them will be missed.

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