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Evolution of PingBattery LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Products

V1.0 - released in 2007, made of 3.2v4950mah LiFePO4 prismatic cells and our first version of BMS (Battery Management System) for Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries. V1.0 cell has 2C maximum continuous discharge rate and 4C peak. The polarity tabs of its cell is small.

V2.0 - released in 2008, made of 3.2v4000mah prismatic cells and same BMS as V1.0. The V2.0 cell also has 2C maximum continuous discharge rate and 4C peak. But its 2C continuous performance is much better than V1.0. It's weigth/ah is a little higher than V1.0. V2.0 has wider polarity tabs than V1.0. V2.0 is more expensive than V1.0.

V2.5 - released in 2009, made of 3.2v5000mah prismatic cells and new BMS. V2.5 cell has same performance as V2.0. That's why we don't call it V3.0, but V2.5. V2.5 has lower weight/ah than V2.0. V2.5 cell has wider polarity tabs than V2.0. The V2.5 BMS has indication lights for balance status.

V5.0 - released in 2015, make of new V5 3.2V5000mAh foil pouch cells and new V5 BMS.

    V5 cell has same performance as V2.5. Just like last time, size and weight of the new cells have improvement, although it's small. Based on longer than 7 years experiences and feedbacks from our customers (from V2.0 to V2.5), we can confidently say our battery cells are capable of 2C continuous current draw without siginificant capacity reduction for many years. The cells can be also drained at higher C rates if more years of battery life is not expected.

    V5 BMS is a brand new design. Compact two layer structure with big aluminum heat sink plate. Same as V2.5, LED indication of full charge level for individual cells. It's the smallest in size with the same current rating on the market. IRFB4110 MOSFETs on all V5 BMS. Fully compatible with V2.5 and V1.0 BMS.

100% Customer Satisfaction

    It has been almost one decade that we're producing and improving these LiFePO4 Lithium batteries, as well as making every customer satisfied. You can see reviews on every product page by clicking "PRODUCT REVIEWS" after product description.

    Customers wrote these feedbacks since September 2014 when we moved to this new server. Before that, feedbacks were written on the web site of Resellerratings.com, when our elder web server and platform didn't have such a function.



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